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Grand neo-avant-garde paintings at the sixth Art Corner

The latest exhibition of Hungarian neo-avant-garde art is on display for free at the Art Corner, a joint exhibition series of contemporary art by Leo Bistro restaurant and Hotel Clark. The 'Neoavantgarde - Made in Hungary' exhibition, organised in partnership with Judit Virág Gallery, features works by Imre Bak, Tamás Hencze, Ilona Keserü, Ferenc Lantos and István Nádler. The exhibition, which opened on 21 March, is open free of charge from morning to night in the Leo Bistro restaurant and Hotel Clark until 28 May. Art Corner is an initiative launched in 2021 to showcase the diversity of Hungarian art in an alternative exhibition space for both domestic and international audiences. Most recently, János Fajó's exhibition Ellipses was made available in the hotel.

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It always fills me with pride when foreigners (rightly so) praise my capital since, in my opinion, Budapest’s beauty cannot be dulled by habit. But even if it weren’t that way and I somehow managed to become bored with my routine, I would still consider it essential to occasionally look at the place where I […]


This is what it’s like to stay at the Hotel Clark at the foot of Buda Castle


One of the most well-organised areas of Hotel Clark is the lobby, which is visually very exciting and has a luxurious atmosphere. We found the rich decoration very appealing, especially since several places still feature Corinthian capitals that were retained from the original structure. All the rooms in the hotel are very nice, and the […]


The design hotel of Buda Hotel Clark Budapest, has become a five-star hotel


The place where the view is breathtaking, the location is historic, the Buda Castle is within reach, the lobby is an imprint of the design and the legendary stories related to the place. Where the lion is not only part of the brand, but also pervades the spirit of the hotel, in a word: majestic. […]